Raghav Toshniwal

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    Search liberal and conservative news outlets simultaneously
  • Custom Search Engines

    Encrypt your tweets
  • Cryptography
  • Vue.js

    CS I love you
  • Teaching
  • CS Theory

    Like Goodreads, but for podcasts.
  • Vue.js

    Voice Controlled Accounting using Amazon Alexa and Google Home
  • Python

    Tool to organize HackerNews meetups in your city
  • React
  • Firebase

    Experimenting with centralized shared data structures like Bloom Filters
  • Python

    Etch your predictions in the Blockchain
  • Web3
  • React

    A Crypto Token backed by actual Potatoes
  • Solidity

    Comments, everywhere on the internet
  • Flask
  • Firebase

    Shorten URLs using simple rhyming words
  • Heroku
  • Python

    Exploring Wikipedia as a scale free network
  • Python

    SMS powered marketplace for farmers
  • SMS
  • Java
  • Android