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Nostalgia and Technology

Remember the time when we had floppy disks?

There is a good chance you do. In 8 bit shaded memory lanes, archaic 3.5” memory devices that had the reliability of Schrödinger’s cat come to mind. With a ginormous 400 Kilobytes capacity, you could carry dozens of text files around, in your pocket. Or the time when you had a dial-up internet connection? The sweet music of each time the computer attempted to connect probably rings a bell.

Feeling nostalgic about technology breaks conventional notions. Notions regarding the acceptable time after which we could feel nostalgic about an event. It is not that uncommon to feel nostalgic about the first iPhone. We are moving so fast that a year is enough to induce cringe worthy sepia fuelled memories. We may have begun ascending an exponential growth curve, but then again, hasn’t that feeling been perpetual for mankind?

Nostalgia in technology is weird.